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The One That Got Away
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A BBC "Sherlock" community for fans who ship Sherlock/Irene
This BBC Sherlock community explores the relationship between the Detective and the Woman. Discussion, friendly debate, speculation, and fanwork are all encouraged. Please feel free to submit your Sherlock/Irene fanart, fanfic, and fan videos. We also embrace additional pairings, with the caveat that Irene and Sherlock recieve mention or appear in one capacity or another. This community is semi-moderated public forum. Please review the rules and the FAQs.

Fanfic FAQ

  • Flaming, trolls and bashing are unacceptable. Respect is mandatory.
  • Please stay on topic - there are plenty of excellent Sherlock communities for general posts.
  • Please use cuts for ALL spoilers, rumours, speculation, and large images.
  • Fanfics must be labeled using the conventional format (Fanfic FAQ) and must contain clear warnings for adult content and spoilers.
  • Please use tags.
  • No locked posts unless approved by a mod, and all comments must be enabled.